Are you looking For a Luxury Unit with a shorter turnaround time? We've got beautiful ready-to-wear styles available to be shipped within two business days & picked up at our local Orlando boutique within 24 hours from ordering.

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    Glue Less Units are our commonly purchased units due to the longevity and beginner-friendly steps to install. These units do not need a professional to install and come ready to wear. Additionally, due to not requiring any adhesive for an installation, these units can last up to 5 years and more with proper care. We strongly recommend these unit types to beginners and first-time wig wearers.

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    Frontal Units are lace units that give our clients ear to ear of parting Space. Usually, a client with this unit is an advanced wearer who does not mind the maintenance and adhesive required to install this type of unit. Although we love the flexibility when wearing, we usually would not recommend this unit type to a beginner.

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    Full Lace units, like our frontal units, except that this unit type is all lace and can be parted in every direction. Advance wearers can wear these units in multiple styles, including high buns, pigtails, French braids, and more, when safely adhered to the perimeter of the hairline. However, these units tend to have a shorter life span if worn daily with adhesive. Therefore, we strongly recommend this unit to advance wearers with professional help for a proper installation.

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